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24 Aug 2010


I'm dieing to sleep, just I write this simply today.
I went out with Jane today.

Agios Dimitrios

This is inside.

Aristotereous square

We walked besid of the sea, we arrived at Museum.

We met Christine, couch surfer, at here.

We went inside of Museum of Byzantine Culture, Archaelogical Museum, it took us 3hr to see.

Student 4Euro
Adult 8Euro

The Arct of Garerius


Panagia Chalkeon

Roman Agora

Lia made thiw dinner, bean soup, cheese and bread.

I did Thai massage 1hr for Lia, then we went out together.

Today is a full moon, there are concert for free at many places.

Concert in front of a museum, we sitted down on a grass.

Alexsandros statue.

We met a lot of friends of Lia at park.

Svraki 2Euro
Soft pork inside, very yummu~*

We rode on a boat, free riding.

This is inside.

But the boart didn't move to see, so we rode off at 2:30am, we went back to house, Lia showed us her pictures.

I didn't have a time to write blog and sleep at all, just took shower, then I went out house at 5am, I walked to train station.

The outhside was still dark though, today was full moon, the light was helpful to walk.

In 30 min, I arrived at train station.

So far I could sleep few hours though, today was first I didn't sleep at all, very hard...!!(>_<)

Already the date is changed, so continew to tomorrow.
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