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23 Aug 2010

To Thessaloniki

I slept at 4:30am as I was writing a blog.
I woke up at 8am this morning, soooooo sleepy...but I can sleep in a train :)

Joy already went to work, Aris came back home late last night was still sleeping, so I said good-bye to Katline, Joy's sister, then I went out home to train station.

dep. 9:21 Athens to Thessaloniki E500 5.5hr ride.

Incidentally, this is a time table from Athens to Thessaloniki
Train dep.~arr.
IC70 6:50~11:52
ICE50 07:53~12:20
E500 9:21~15:02
IC52 10:51~15:48
IC54 13:21~18:31
502 14:53~20:51
ICE56 19:28~23:55
IC74 20:39~1:48
504 22:55~05:36
604 23:59~07:00

This is inside :)

It was A/C inside the train though, a problem was happened, 1 hr got delay.

So I could arrive Thessaloniki st. at 16:30.

When I went to information, I found S!
He came here this mornign though, he go to Isanbul tonight.

But the ticket price was 55Euro, expensive.

I bought a ticket to Skopje.
Student discount 9.8Euro
Adult 12Euro

S decided to go to Istanbul by bus, I saw his pictures and had a conversation, then said good bye.
The bus price 40Euro, cheper than bus.

I met Lia(34:Greek) who accepted me as couch surfer, the other couch surfer Jane joined us, we went to Home.

We made the dinner together :D

After dinner we joined Lia's friend's birthday party.
We went back to home at 1:30am, now is already 4am, I feel crazy sleepy...!!
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