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22 Aug 2010

Athens 2

Joy made pancake for us for breakfast*
Aris made 100% natural orange juice as well, very yummy~***

Well, I go to sightseeing today too.
Before sight, I went to railway station to buy a tomorrow ticket, by coincidence I met Japanese guy S who met yesterday.

I bought a ticket for tomorrow.

Athens dep.9:21am
23Euro(Normal fee 15Euro+Express 8Euro)

I asked S going sightseeing together, so he agreed with it.


Adrianou library

Filopappos Hill

This hill is higher than Acropolis, nice city view :D

After that we went inside the Acuropolice museum, when we went out from the museum, a weird family asked the entrance fee to us.

They said "we are going to Osaka tomorrow.","How much money in hotel a night? one day is enough.", "In Japan , which currency do you use? Let me see the money."

I didn't wonna talk them, but S talked with them.
When I granced him, what a surprising, he showed Japan money(100Euro value) to them!?!?

Don't show it~~~!!!(>_<)

After that the strange family went somewhere, so I asked S the wallet is fine?
He checked his wallet, what a pity, he lost 50 or 100Euro...(S didn't know how much money he had in his wallet.)

Pay attention!!
Someone who start to talk something from their side, it should be thief!!!(>_<)

Then I just said good bye to S at 7pm, I went back to Aris's house.

Joy made pasta for us tonigt, yummy~***

Aris went to bowring with his friends, I and joy and her sister had a conversation :D

I could listen their local story, so I could knew the condition of economy in Greece.

I did Thai massage for Joy, then we said good bye for tomorrow, I went inside my room.
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