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21 Aug 2010


The bus from Istanbul at 6pm last night arrived at Athens, Greece at noon~.
About 18hr, long distance moving.

The bus arrived at Euroline's office.
So, where I am..?

I used bath room, then I asked where I am to office staff, I was in near central train station!
It's very convenient place, I can walk to city center, yeah!

The staff was very kind man, he gave me a map of Athens and I could put my baggage there, lucky~~~!!!!

I said thank you and headed to the Acropolis hill with map.

I bought a ticket fist.

Student 6Euro
Adult 12Euro

I can go inside almost of all sight, that's good!

Anciant Agora

This is the place Socrates and Platon were talking at here.

Stoa of Attalos Museum


Scary Vase.

Dish with interesting picture.

These are in A.D.400~500.

I go to the temple on the hill next!

Temple of Hephaestus

Wow, this is like Greece!

I can see landscape of Anciant Agora and Acropolis from here.

Roman Agora

Tower of the winds

There is a god of wind carving on top of the tower.

walking through a narrow street,

head to Acropolis, a Japanese man asked me "Are you Japanese? Let me see your guide book?".

He was traveling around the world now without guidebook, his backpack was stolen at Colombia, gotton sleeping drug thieve in India, gotton money thieve with knife in Africa, helped by helicopter.

Wow, traveling around the world is sooooo scary!!!(>_<)

I listened the kind of stories and moved on the hill, there was another Japanese boy had a Japanese guidebook of Greece, I said hi to him and borrow his book for me.
(I have a book for Europe, not so details, just I wanted to check Greece section.)

Then we 3 Japanese tourist go to the Acropolice Hill.

My feeling is going to Athens~!


It's under construction though, big enough and Wow~!
This is Athens, Athens!!!!

Beautiful landscape from the hill!

Theatre of Dionysos

Mystery colomn just with penis carving...(lol)

Temple of Orimpian Zues

We 3 Japanese hunged around like this, I said good bye to them at 7pm, I went to Euroline's office to pick my backpack up, then I went to the house of Aris(26:Greek) who accepted me as couch surfer.

Aris and girlfriend Joy waited for me, we headed to Lycabettus Hill.

What a fantastic night view~~~!!!!

We could see light uped Parthenonos, quite beautiful.

There is also most expensive restaurant in Athens here, for example, president from other country come here for dinner.

On the way back, Aris bought a Pita for me for dinner :D
Pork, potato, tomato, onion with yogurt garlic cucumber sourse.
Thank you Aris!!

We went back to home and drank Greek beer with conversation.

I'm enjoying Athens too~*
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