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19 Aug 2010

Prince's island

I go to Prince's island that Haru told to me.

I ride on boat from Kabatash.
Fast boat 7TL(3.5Euro) About 45min.
Slow boat 3TL(1.5Euro) About 90min.

It was just a time of fast one, so I rode on that.

I arrived Buyukada in 1hour.
There were A/C in fast boat, it was comfortable :)

When I rode off the boat, it was very very hot, no shade.
There are a lot of restaurant and survenir shop on the street.

On beach, a lot of people are enjoying swiminng.
Oh no, I should have brought a basin suite here~~(>_<)

Just I soaked my feet, very nice*
Water also clear.

icecream 5TL(2.5Euro)
A bit expensive because of island...!
But looks like flower, cute :D

Here island is for resort, there are many beautiful house and good condition road.

Anyway, I head to monestry that is one of the sight.
Almost people go there by horse carriage, so just I walked on a road(^^;

I arrived at the wide corner, it was a place of horse carriage stop, everyone go to monestry by foot from there.

Very steep and hard to walk up~!

I walked up slowly, in 20 min I arrived at top of the hill.

This is the monestry.
Not so special, very normal...
Taking picture is prohibited, inside also not so special...?

Landscape from top...

When I checked time, wow already in 2hr half from I started walking!!
I turned to go back to port, took a short cut way, I could go back to port in 45min.

I also took a fastboat to Kabatash, I bought a corn to eat.


Looks yummy~!
When I bite it, not so yummy, not so sweet, a bit sticky, because of Turkey??

I went back to home and headed to Taksim with Ozy together for dinner*

Ozy took me Meza(?) restaurant, Turkish food,

this is a visible menu, easy to choose!

It's called Lion's milk, 40% alchole.
Normal liquide is transparant but when add water, it turn to be white.
It's made from grape.

We enjoyed these dishes.
Everyhitng were yummy, we had interesting conversation between Turkey and Japan :)
Generous Ozy treated the dinner for me, thank you very much!!

I tried Turkish icecream again.
2 scoope 3TL(1.5Euro)

I wonder why this shape are flat tough, taste was good at this time :D

By the way, I could make a local friend who are knowing local place very much because of couch surfing.
The web site is really cool!!
We can make a lot of local friends all over the world!

I really enjoyed staying with Ozy, thank you Ozy!!!(^0^)
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