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18 Aug 2010

Istanbul sightseeing

Well, today I go to sightseeing!

I go to Taksim square first.

I follow the tram line and go to south west direction.

Galata tower

Then I walk throught on Galata bridge.

This is Turkey's landscape, Mosque and city are mixing.

Topkapi Palace

The entrance fee was 20TL(10Euro), expensive, so just I took the picture of the gate.
Then I hunged around the garden.

St. Sofhia Museum
Entrance fee is 20TL(10Euro)

Ozy recommended here than palace, so I paid for it.

This is inside, the atmosphere is defferent from the other sight so far.

I found many people seeing something..??
I checked it, there was something.

This is Wish column, there is a hole for thumb, just turn your palm 360 degree without took off the thumb from hole.
I also tried it, and I could :D
My wish is enjoying my life*

Next is underground palace.
Yerebatan sarnici i.s.532(The Basilica Cistern 532 A.D.)

Entrance fee is 10TL(5Euro)

I think the sightseeing place in Istanbul is more expensive than compare with the local rate.

Buuuuut, here was soooooo nice!!!
To be honest, here was the best I've gone in Istanbul!!

There are a lot of columns in underground, there are water stream on the floor and fishes are swimming.

Then I walked to the end....

Medusa here!!!
It's upside down, it makes me scary.

This is also scary~~~(>_<)

I read the description of these though, it said it's a one of the mystery.

Chicken sandwich for lunch 2.50TL(1.25Euro).

Looks was good but taste was not so.

After here, I went to Jan's light meal restaurant to drink lemonede, then I headed to another mosque Ozy recomended one though, it was underconstruction that I couldn't go inside.

These are grave of Turkish.

After here, I tried to go main street though, I got lost a bit and went to poor district, so I felt a bit scary though, when I asked the way to them, they told me kindly, then I could go back to main street.

Sun set from Galata bridge.

I walked back to Taksim square again, went to supermarket and went back to home.

Ozy came back to home at 10pm, I asked about going to Athens, he organized going to there for me suggested many plan, eventually I took the plan to go there by Metro bus that I took from Sofia to Istanbul.

We went to bus office in Taksim at midnight.
It was awesome the office is opening 24 hours..!!

Istanbul to Athens 120TL(60Euro).
About 20 hours bus ride...

I am really impressed Ozy, he is very kind and helpful..!!
Thank you very much, Ozy!!!

Ozy told me these good links.

Metro bus
Varan bus (no bus to Athens though.)

last minute (Cheap flight search)

Ferry in Istanbul(Time table)

About Greece(Ferry time table)
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