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17 Aug 2010

Turkish bath

Jan, I met yesterday at light meal food restaurant, told me local Turkish bath place, so I and Leo go there today :D

From Sultanafmet to Capa by tram, then there is the road, Basvekil Cad, on south derection, just walk the road to south in 15 min, we arrived at Hamam(Turkish bath).

I called Jan, so Jan joined us, we go inside sepalated gate.

This is woman side gate.
There is a carten so we can't see inside.

This is man side gate.
We can see inside.

Entrance fee is 20TL(about 10Euro), almost half price from touristic place's bath!

I took off my cloths, I went inside the Turkish bath.

This is inside, there are no tap.

Like sauna, and there are no guest, just for me :D

This is next room, there is a marble table.
I took shower and sit down on the table, I got relax*
(A bit difficult taking picture though...)

This is celling, natural light from the holes.

After About 15min, a woman came inside and did massage for me :D
Rubbing body and sorp massage*

took off old skin and cleaning my body.

That's very interesting and feeling gooooood*

I finished the Turkish bath in 1 hour, I met Leo and Jan again.

Jan go to work from now, so we said good bye to Jan, we headed to Tram station.

There were big local market near Hamam, we walk through inside.

There were no tourist, just us, very interesting!!
I bought 1 pants in 2.50TL(about 1.25Euro) :D

This is lunch today.
Kebabu 2.50TL
Lomonede 1TL

It was first time to eat kebabu in my life though, I prefer more vegetable inside~.

We rode on tram to Karakoy, then we rode on ship.

Fee is 1.50TL(about 75cent).

Feeling goooood!!

We arrived at Haydarpasa, Asia side.
Leo is good at history, he always explain the history for me :D

We looked for baggage strage place but all coin rocker was full, so Leo carry his back pack, cool :)

But soooooo hot outside, we went inside to Carrefour.

I'm taking a picture of turkish mayonnnaise(lol).

We went out the shopping mole, we headed to North.



Leo took interesting way, he don't see a map, just he walk, I follow him.

We arrived at the sunset point, we ordered tea and take rest.

Tea 1TL(50cent)

Sun set~*

walking again..


By the way, I just follow him like this though,

this is me(lol).

Looks like just I went out to buy something in near supermarket.
Looks is not tourist, just a local people, hahaha.

We ate Turkish flaver pizza in park.
12.50TL(about 6Euro)

Here I said good bye to Leo, I head to home.

Take ship again to Europe side.
Wind is soooo cool.

Night seeing is sooooo cool.

I arrived at Ozy's house at 9pm, Ozy gave me turkish beer and had a conversation :D

I did Thai massage to Ozy, tody was finihed.

Come to think of it, I haven't get sightseeing so much here.
I do sightseeing tomorrow.
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