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16 Aug 2010


Ozy went to work from early morning, I wake up at late.

I went to Taksim first to change money, 20Euro to 38.50TL.
Next I went to Sultanafmet by Tram.

I headed to Bule mosque though, the time was praying time so I couldn't go inside, just I took a rest on marble stone.

I just gave up to go inside, I decide to go somewhere.

Icecream 1TL

It was soooo hot day, I bought it just now but already is melted.

I walk with icecream.

Grand Bazar

Bazar is large, it's like this.
Incidentally, the exchange shop's rate was better than the other place.
I change money at here from next.

After bazar, I drank lemonede and I headed to hostel Leo stay now.
Leo is the person who let me stay his house in Wien(Vienna), and traveling East Europe now.
Coincidence, he arrived Istanbul in this morning, yeah!

I never expected I could meet him again, I'm very glad :D

We had conversation about 1 hour, he wanted to take some rest, so I went out by myself again.

It was very hot outside like a hell, I went back to drink lemonede again.

Lemonede 1TL
Pai 1.50TL

One of the shop stuff was interested in me, he wanted to get my massage though, he had no time to take a break, just we had some conversation, and he took me to Turkish icecream shop.

Turkish icecream 2TL(about 1Euro)

It was first time to eat Turkish icecream though, not so sweet, it's like a cool rice cake..?

The taste was not so yummy than I expected.
Maybe I should try again next time.

Then I headed to Blue mosque to sightseeing.

Blue Mosque

Entrance fee was free.

Inside mosque.

Next I headed to Topkapi palace though, it was already 6pam, the gate was starting closed, I couldn't go inside.. shock~.

Well, it was time to meet Leo again.

Leo walked sea side and I followed him.

Sea side is nice~*

Many Turkish people were enjoying the beach.

We walked biside of sea port though, we found something like this.

This is a trap for car that came from wrong side.
Wow, this is very dangerous!
I wonder why they need this??

We walked biside of new mosque about 1 hour,

we arrived at this restaurant.

We orderd water pipe here!

Normally I don't smoke, just 2 times I tried to smoke tabacco in my life though, this is defferent from tabacco, so I try!

There were many kind of flavers, we orderd peach, 18TL(about 9Euro).


mmm, I don't feel peach flaver so much though, it's like a clear tabacco?

Sometimes I got cough and a bit got sick and dizzy though, it's Ok, just a new experience :D
Leo treated it for me, thanks!!

We went to Taksim, city center next,
we ate Kumpir together :D
6TL(about 3Euro)

Mushed potato and cheese, and add some flavers.

The taste is nice!

But Turkish people really likes stretching food(?).

I went back to Ozy home past 12am though... he waited me with smile, I really say thank you!!
He has such a big heart :D
I wanna be the person like him*
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