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15 Aug 2010

To Istanbul

I woke up at 6:30am, took shower and ate breakfast easily, then I said thank you and good bye to Cvetan, I went out his home.

I walked 30min., arrived at bus turminal~.

This is bus ticket.
Sofia, Bulgaria dep. 9am to Istanbul(Turkey)

This is the bus.
Wow, looks good because of expensive ticket!

Wow, inside also good~!
There are window on the top as well, so inside is lighter, great!

Attendant lady gave us snack, tea, water and hand wipe paper.
It remainds me Nakhon chai air(good bus conpany) in Thailand :D

Moreover, to be surprised, there are TV monitor like plane, and wi-fi connection!!!!
I have ever rode like this bu!!
Thank you Haru telling me this bus(^0^)

Well, the bus run through on the road like this.
Sometimes the bus was on the not good road, so my tea was falled a bit, but it was Ok.
The bus arrived at the border of Bulgarian side about 1:30.

Then arrived at the border of Turkey side and got a stump on the passport,
then the custom checked baggage.
Everyone took their baggage from the bus, opened zip and they checked these quickly.

That's why the bus went out from the border around 3pm.
Border takes long time~.
It was better I chouse the day bus.

Incidentally, there were Toilet rest time around 5~6 times, we can drink coffee or tea freely, the attendant gave us a water cup 5~6 times, it was comfortable :)

Then I arrived at Istanbul bus terminal on 8pm.

Bus terminal is in out of city a bit, so I have to use subway though, kindly Rossian family took me to Subway terminal.
But I didn't have any TL(Turkey money) yet, I could pay for ticket in Euro in ticket counter, so I paid 5Euro.
The man who was in ticket counter he gave me 1.50TL Token and 5.50TL as change.

Isn't it less???

I had doubt about the change but Rossian family waited me so I went inside the subway.

The family went to airport and said goodbye, I changed the line.
But when I go to next line, I had to pay again to enter, so I paid 1.50TL again to buy other token.

Isn't it expensive..!?(>_<)

Eventually, I arrived at meeting point with Ozy(32:Turkish) who accepted me as couch surfer, I said hello and asked about rate between Euro and TL.

TL rate is about half of Euro.
I thought about that...the man in the ticket counter cheated me...

I had to get 8.50TL change though, just 5.50TL I got.
But what a sad man, just 3TL(1.50Euro) he wanted to get from tourist.

We headed to his house and I putted my baggage, then he took me out to Turkish dinner :D

Rice in mussle shell*

Fried cow's intestine, good!

Ozy treated it for me, thank you very much!! (^0^)

Well then he took me to dessert shop next :D

Do you have any idea of this??
Looks like rice cake and also stretching.
Taste is like milk.

He asket me "guess what" but I had no idea.

To be surprised, this sweet made from chicken breast fiber!
That's why so stretching.

This sweet is famous in local people but not tourist.
Interesting!! :D

This is 4 kind of cake made from pistachio.

We ate it together with tea the shape was tulip.
Thank you very much again, Ozy!!!

We went back to home and I did shoulder and neck massage for him as his long computer work.

By the way, very very hot in Turkey...!!
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you're welcome! thanks for the wonderful massage!!
Posted by Ozzy at 17/08/2010 07:11
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