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14 Aug 2010

Bus ticket

Cvetan prepared breakfast for us*

Cvetan and another couch surfer Haru, Japanese girl went out to sightseeing together, I stayed in home to do internet.

I thought about going to Istanbul though, Haru had a gudebook to Istanbul, so I copy it some pages.

14Pages 1.39Rv(about 50cent)

I bought this in supermarket, juice, yogurt, cookie and mayonnaise :D

There was a big ad of candy when I walked through a street.

I arrived at bus terminal beside of train station, I bought a ticket to Istanbul.
55Rv(about 28Euro)

There were cheaper bus conpany though, Haru who came from Istanbul recomended the conpany.

For reference, 60Rv of 68Rv by train.
(There were 2 price when I asked it in other counter, why?)

In the night, Senia who went to mountain, Cvetan and Haru came back to home, we ate Brugalian dishes*

Great! Great!!

Like this, we ate yummy Brugalian dinner :D

After dinner I did Thai massage to Cvetan, today was finished~.
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