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07 Aug 2010

Rainy day

Katrin prepared the breakfast for me*

This is the meal Katrin is eating though, apple on the rice.
German people eat like this meal, apple on the rice with milk and sugar.
It's like a oat meal.
We Japanese never cook like this, so it's interesting.

We went to super market,
we bought the chocolates :D
2Euro a each, expensive(!?) chocolate.
I have to buy good one sometimes for experience!
Left one is popular brand, right one made in Swiss.

Katrin made this for lunch.
Vegetable soup with rice and chicken.
This is a recipe that her grandmother make it for her always.
This was a first time to eat rice in Europe, good for stomach*
Thank you Katrin!

From afternoon, we went out under the rain.

Rathaus and Katrin

It' not good weather these 2 weeks in Europe...
Besides it's very cold temperature than I expected, so if you come to Europe now, I recommend to bring a winter clothes...

What was the crazy hot temperature in Italy...


Still many people in outside even under the rain.

Museum Auf Abruf

Entrance fee was free.

I found the video that about 10 Japanese naked people walked around a chair.

We could see even lower body, so I was surprised.

It seems in Tokyo...

I thought European people likes naked body, I've seen many art of nude in Europe.

Come to think of it, a lot of statue in Europe also naked, so I guess European people likes naked art.


There is big sign of naked picture in the gate too.

We bought some ingredients for Sushi in interesting market near Karlsplatz.

We went back to house, I made sushi with Katrin :D

Used vinegar rice, lettuce, avocado, samon and shrimp.

Looks is not so good but taste is good :D

Katrin liked it and I was happy*

We drank tea with yummy chocolate, we talked each other*

Then I did Thai massage for her, today was finished.

I appreciate to meet new friend :D
Thanks Katrin!
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