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06 Aug 2010


Leo who let me stay his home last night leave to travel for East Europe from today, kindly Leo looked for next couch for me by asking for his a lot of firends!

Leo took me to friend Katrin(21:German)'s house, I said thank you and good bye to Leo, then he left.

I putted my baggage, Katrin left her home to work, I took a rest few hours in her house and I went out by myself.

But I got lost because I came here just following Leo's back...(>_<)
So I was walking wrong way though, I asked someone who walked from opposite way about the direction, she said I headed to totally wrong direction.
She took me to the station kindly, I was impressed that!!
There are a lot of kind person in Europe already I've met :D

I bought sandwich for lunch when I arrived at station 2.69Euro.

Just l ate it with looking strange building in front of me, then I rode on a train.

I rode off at central, I walked the main road.


This is the biggerst gothic style church in Austria.

This is inside.
entrance fee is free.


I found interesting fountain at side of the gate.
Strong mans..!

The other side of the Hofburg.

But the weather is not so nice, cold..

I met Katrin and her friends, then we headed to a African festival.

Entrance fee 5Euro.

There were some African shop but also some Asian shop.
If you have not gone to Asia or Africa, you never know these shop are Africa or Asia.

In the stage, they played African jazz(?).

There were Camel riding.

I ate something like beef curry though, the taste was too salty!!
The looks was nice but too much salt...

Katrin told a story if the food salty in Germany, the cooker thought about his lover.
Because he couldn't stop thinking about his lover, so he used too much salt without norice.
Is it correct?

The African festival was like this, we went back to her house and we visited her neighbor.

We drank beer or wine together and made a friendship with some conversation :)
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