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05 Aug 2010

To Wien

I woke up at 8am and wrote yesterday's blog.

Woifee prepared the breakfast for me*
Bread, cheese, coffee, tea, cucumber with expensive olive oil :), home made jam and home made honey~***
Thank you Woifee!

After breakfast, I took shower quickly, then I did Thai massage for him.
Then I packed my baggage and went out.

Woifee bought this bread for me for lunch*
The black part is flower's seeds, white part is solt.
I surfed his couch just 1 day though, I really appreciate him!!!!
What a awesome hospitality!

Then We arrived at Herbert's house who is a friend of Ilona.

Herbert is artist, his garden is also individual.
This is a grass bench, awesome.

I enjoyed his artistic house, then I said thank you and good bye to Woifee, I rode on the Herbert's car with Ilona.

It was just a timing they go to Wien(Vienna), so they let me go there together :D
From Salzburg to Wien, it take around 4hrs, I wrote the blog of yesterday in rear seat though, I got car sick a bit...

Then we arrived at Wien at 16:00~!
They dropped me off in front of the castle.

Schloss Schonbrunn

Dropped place was a good place to go sightseeing :D
I walked around the castle garden with carrying my heavy backpack.

What a wide, what a beautiful~~~!

There was a forest like a maze in side.


I kept walking on the hill to see a good view, a bit hard to climb though.


There was the building like this, the view from here is very good.

Sooooo feeling gooooood :D

I walked down the hill after enjoyed the town view though,

This is a building under construction.
I saw sometime like this in Europe, it has a seat printing picture.
In Japan, it's just a white seat, but here Europe one is printed seat, that's interesting.
This must be more cost though, good idea!

Well, I rode on the subway(1.80Euro) to the city center after the castle.
Leo(22) who met me on a car sharing from Munich to Salzburg let me stay his couch :D

Leo waited me with his friends, we ate dinner together on the street.

This is the street shop.

I try Falafel 2.8Euro.

With vegetable and croquette, big volume.
Good taste*

We 7 people headed to a cafe to drink something.

Bulmers Pear 500ml 5.2Euro
Pear and beer mix, so the taste is good*

We were drinking with some conversation though, when I said that I'm looking for next couch, a person said I can use her couch...!
Moreover Leo asked his a lot of friends to let me stay their home, so I could get a bed in Wien even I desided to come here just yesterday!
Thank you everybody***

I really appreciate and am impressed that I can meet great people...!!
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