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04 Aug 2010


who invited me as couch surfer came to Dominique's home to pick me up by car, then he took me show around :)

Stille Nacht Stub'n
This is a church of "Stille Nacht, Heiling Nacht", "Silent night, Holly night", one of the famous christmas song.
This village person wrote this song.

This is inside, small and cute*

It was very sunny day, bisides his car is open rooftop, soooooo feeling good!!!

We arrived at Franking, we take lunch.

3 kinds of Knouedel, Austrian food.
Haschee knoedel
Tiroler knoedel
Speck knoedel
Innviertler grammel knoedel

Itadakimasu with beer :D

* "Itadakimasu" means I appreciate to eat in Japanese.

Woifee paid the lunch for me, thank you so much!!

We do Farmar's golf after lunch.
It's fun we can take various courses.

Like this road we walk to next course.
This idea is we can walk around the village by farmar's golf, good idea for tourism!


Walk through in a forest.

There was a course inside the lake....
no,no, just I tryed to go inside the lake :)
There were a lot of people who are enjoying their vacation.

Icecream for power charge*

We finished the golf, I lost though, then we headed to next point,

We drove through a village the name IBM.
This must be the origine of the big computer company IBM!!

...it's just a small village we drove through in 15seconds.

And then we drove through...


We arrived at Fucking village!!! (LOL)

What a awesome...!!!

But this sign is so popular that was stolen more than 100 times...(^^;
So please don't steel it, there is already security camera watching you..!!

The Fucking village also was finished in 15seconds by car.

How can you imagine if you had a address of here?

The view of castle on the hill was coming to my eyes.

In few minits, we got to Burg Hausen, Germany side.

Burghausen Castle
Entrance fee is free.

We met Ilona, Woifee's girlfriend :)

When we walk into the castle, that's awesome, it's like a movie!!!
It seems the castle was builted in 1523 year.

Incidentally, this castle is longest one in Germany, and also nomal people still are living here for rent.

That's awesome who are living in castle!!

We headed to the town after the castle.
It reminds me Orviet, Italy, very cute and beautiful town :D

Ilona took me to a glass factory,

the man who are making glass art showed me how to make it, and he presented the product for me!!

Thank you very much :D

The glass artist who is also a teacher of glass art, he have had a Japanese student, she was a good student so she is making the glass art in Japan as well, awesome!
I also have to be learn something in Europe!!

There was a place for casting for next Hollywood(?) movie.
Thre a lot of people who are dreaming be next star in line, so there were no space for us to be a next star, we lost the chance!?

Next they took me a bar it's like inside hobby box, and took a picture*
The bar was very artistic and individual, so interesting*

We went on the opposite mountain to see the castle under sunset, we headed to Woifee's house.

Woifee made a dinner for me.
The name is "Essigwurst mit steirischem Kernöl" means Sausage with vinegar.
And also with pampukin's oil, green oil.

It was a first time to try green oil though, the taste was good and felt like healthy :)

And 4 kind of cheeses. I like cheese***

Well, actually I planted to stay Woifee's house about 2 nights though, Ilona go to Wienna tomorrow by car.
So Woifee gave a suggestion to go there with them for me.
That's also good idea for travel to next place, so I took it!
He changed my plan :)

So he tryed to let me enjoy as much as possible as couch host for me, thus after dinner he took me to close town by car again, then he took me to a higher church.

He told the story of the mayer who is in the wall, who has a long beard untill his feet.

The mayer liked his beard very much but one day he was on his beard on a steps and he falled down to down stairs, then he broke his neck bone, he died.

This is the carving of him who had long beard.

By the way, I feel very cold!!!
This is summer, so I can't live even in Autumn...

We headed to bar.

Beer mixed with Lemonede.

If someone drink beer get drank easily, so they mix something like this, it's seems normal in Germany and Austria.

Like this, today was very long day, we hopped Germany and Austlia border many times.
I lost my mind many times even in the bar for sleepy.

We went back to house, I went on the bed quickly without writing blog.
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