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02 Aug 2010

To Salzburg

I ate last breakfast in Laurent house.
Laurent just eat what he really want, so I always looked forward to eat something here!

The goat cheese are supecial yummy...***

By the way I move to Salzburg in Austria, I try to go there by car lifting.

By train is 26Euro but car lifting is around 10euro.

I used this site that Fabian told it.

The website is in all German, so it's difficult to use just by myself but Laurent helped me and he found one car for me.
It was a bit expensive, 15Euro though, cheaper than the train.

I said thank you and good bye to Laurent, then I headed to meeting point and rode on the car to Salzburg.

There were 2 other guys to go to Salzburg by car lifting, they gave me some advise to trip to East Europe :D

2hours later, We rode off the car in front of main station of Salzburg.

But the driver who had 2 star review (max is 5 star though), he got a 45 Euro just drive from Munich to Salzburg, that's a kind of business.

I went to tourist information and got a map,

and I also bought a 24hr ticket for bus.

Well I still had a Swiss money(CHF), so I went to the exchange behind of station though, the rate was soooooooo bad and they took service fee as 3.5 Euro, so I changed 150CHF but it was just to 104Euro~~~~~(>_<)

I lost about 8Euro(11CHF)....so bad, sooooo bad....(cry)

Well then I started to walk for sightseeing Salzburg with carrying backpack.

Marmorsaal in Schloss Mirabell

Mozart came here to play here before.

Mirabell garten

That's excellent!! Flowers organized beautiful...!

I hung around like that, I rode on a bus to host's house.

The bus in Salzburg are still running getting power from the line on a head.

I rodo off the correct bus stop though, I can't find the host's address correctly...!

I was lost on the way, it was started hard rain.

I wore rain cloth quickly, a old kindly man standed up on the street told me the direction, finally I got to host Dominique(35:German)'s house.

Dominique's girlfriend, Sonja(32:Austrian) let me come inside and

she prepared light meal for me though, yummy yummy yummy~~***

Dominique came back to home then,

Sonja made mushroom pasta by natural mushroom just she got from a mountain!
What a yummy~~~~***

We had a conversation couple of hours, then I did Thai massage to Dominique who likes Thai massage very much, then I went to bed to sleep.
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