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01 Aug 2010

Museum in Munich

This is breakfast that Laurent prepared for me, bread, goat cheese and yogurt*
Cheese is yummy~***

By the way, today is a sunday.
What a good thing, I can go inside of musium for 1Euro on Sunday that normal price is 5-7Euro.

Laurent had his business, so I went out by myself.

When I arrived at Marienplatz, it was just 12 o'clock.
As my Japanese guidebook, it said the clock machine is the biggest one in Germany though...

Is this the biggest one...???
That was not so interesting, just a normal, a little bit boring.
But the audience clapped their hands sometimes for very simple clock dancing, I just felt sorry a bit to see that.

After clock machine, there was some show started.

Well, today is very sunny dai :D
Feels like I'm in Summer here finally!

Next, I head to museum from Marienplatz.

Neue Pinakothek

Sunday fee 1Euro

I came here for seeing sunflower by Vincent van Gogh though...

the room for sunflower is closed~~!?!?(>_<)

The sign is just German, no English, so I guess the picture was moved to some exhibition, far place.

I dissapointed that because I came here to see the art...

Just I saw the other arts and went out though, when I went back to home and asked to Laurent what it says,,,

How could I imagine...!!!

The famous arts are just moved to room B.
I followed to walk from 1, so I didn't notice the A or B room...

I went to there to see the art~~~!!!(cry)

Anyway, I enjoyed another arts though...

Please make a sign in English as well~~~!!!!(>_<)

Alte Pinakothek

Sunday fee 1Euro

This museum was wider than the first one.
There are a lot of arts, it's good for me just 1Euro to enter :D
I could take a picture but it's for just personal use, so I don't upload the pics here.

Pinakothek der Moderne

Sunday fee 1Euro

This museum is modern one, there are also car, bike and furnitures.
But also I found paints by Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.

After 3 museums, I took new road where I haven't took yet.



Like this, today was a museum day.

Today's dinner is Okonomiyaki again*

Laurent have stayed in Japan, he likes Okonomiyaki very much.

I'm glad to give something for him like this**
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