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28 Jul 2010


I woke up at 8am, Fabian prepared breakfast for me*

Hand made bread by Fabian with mountain cheese*

Then a lot of fruits with yogurt, I can take vitaminC :D
Actually he served me same breakfast yesterday though, I forgot to take the picture.
Thank you very much, Fabian!! (^0^)

After breakfast, just I took my time a while, then we headed to mountain by bicycle together*

There was a church in south.

Inside was very beautiful*

Then friends of Fabian came to go to mountain together.
Sonia, Yuria and Bastin, they are German.

All of us, 5 people take a hike to the mountain*

To be surprised, Bastin and Sonia didn't wear shoes!?!?
To the mountain, no shoes,,,,, what a awesome German!!

We passed on a wooden bridge,

walked through a beautiful river,

hiked in the forest.

I followed Fabian though,

suddenly he walked down to steep way.

Woooooow!! If it's Japanese, we never take such a way.
That's very adventure! I like the freedom way* (still without shoes.)

Then we arrived at beautiful hidden spot~!!!

What...!? Fabian and Bastin took their clothes off quickly,

they went into the river~~~!!!
It must be very cold!!!

I checked the tempereture by my thermometer, it was 15 degree.
Not too cold though.

Wine and chocolate that they brought putted into cold river, we drank it together, very fun~~~~****

We stayed around 1 hour in the river but it was started raining, so we went back to a way we came.

Almost every German were without shoes...awesome...!!
They must be had a thick feet skin.

We went back to Fabian's house,

we played a game the name of Kicker.
I've seen it on a movie or TV drama though, it was a first time to play it.
A little bit difficult though, it was fun :D

After playing game,
everybody made a bavarian dishes for dinner.

This is a table like this.

With batter and cheese though, yummy~*

The other one is Semmel-Knoedel, this one is while color without spinach.
With mushroom in white sourse though, very yummy~***

Like this, the party night of Bavarian with German techno music was going to midnight.
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