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24 Jul 2010

To Luzern

In Interlaken, it's rain from morning, it's also cold, I can't go out.
I just did Internet even after checked out.

This is kind of lunch that I bought in super market. 5.5CHF(about 4Euro)
Cake, ice tea and choccolate.

Well, I go to Luzern today.
Just I remembered around 3pm deperture though, when I whent West station, there is no train to Luzern!?
So I headed to ticket counter, he said the train from Ost station, oh I missed!!

There was not so enought time though, I hurryed to go to Ost station.

Golden Pass Panoramic, to Luzerin.

This is inside.
No one hire~, just for me~*

The train went through on a beautiful panoramatic sight...!







Huh~~~, that's awesome Golden Pass Panoramic...!!
It was very nice!!

Then I arrived at Luzern in 2 hours.

I went to tourist information to get a map, I headed to Matt's house who accepted me as couch surfer.

Actually, I called to his mobile phone many time though, maybe it was not good connection, so I decidet to go his house by myself.

I arrived his house but still not good connection by phone, so I sat down on a gate and waited, then after 10min. he fond me.
Ah~, I was reliefed.

He introduced me to his room mate,
Then he made a dinner.

This is a fish in vineger.
Yummy :D

The name is Rosti, sliced poteto and vegetables,

After dinner he took me out :D

Good view point..!

Castle wall?

Luzern with sun set.

On the way back, Matt bought the icecream for me***
Thank you very much!!!

We went throught on a wooden bridge.

This is on a bridge though, there are drowings the theme were death, so it looked scary a bit.

Like that, a Luzern tour was finished, then I did Thai massage for 1 hour for Matt.

Very sleepy...
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I appreciate your donation for ice cream :D

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