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23 Jul 2010


I woke up at 7:30m, I heard a sound of rain from outside.
It seems rain from last night?

I went rounge for breakfast.

Wow! Bread, cheese, hum, jam, butter, orange juice, coffee, tea, musuri and yogurt!

This is my breakfast.
I'm full :D

But rainy day today, I checked out 10am though, I stayed at rounge for internet.

The rain was stopped afternoon, I went out but I felt cold..!
So I wore jacket and went out.

This is a main street in Grindelwald.
Everybody are wearing long sleeve.

U~nn, it's beautiful after rain as well~*

I was walking to seeing the great view,

The cloud was gone and I can see a glacier clealy~!!
(It's pity I can't show you a real one!)

Besides, a water falls from mountain are beautiful as well...

There are beautiful graves under the mountain!!

Like this.
They are sleeping under the mountain seeing the beautiful flowers...

I thought I go up to some mountain though, today's weather is not nice, I was satisfied in Grindelwald.

Rain came again, I wore a rain wear and went back to hostel.
I came back to rounge and did internet, one Japanese guy said hi to me.

Kore(26), he is traveling around the world by world ticket, and he came through opposit route from me, so I got good advise from him.

I was in trouble because everything are expensive in swiss, but I got a good advise and appreciate him!!

He told me a cheap bus company.


We ate pizza together*
11CHF a each (about 8Euro)

And then I took picture of swiss money again because the design very cool.

This is the best design I have ever seen.

I had a good conversation and exchanged information each other, and then I decided to go back to Interlaken tonight.

From Interlaken to Grindelwald, 10~11CHF(about 8Euro).

That's just 30min though, it's expensive... come to think of it, Marco, my host in Milano, said about hitch hike.

"The distance is not so far and easy to hitch hike, so you can do it."

Ok, let's try a hitch hike!!
(This is a first time to try it in my life.)

If I couldn't, just ride on a train.

So I tried hitch hike under a rain, wearing a white rain wear.

I standed up at on the way to Interlaken, good view from driver, there was a enough space that car can park.

Just I thumb up and shiny smile~*

One car was stopped after just 1~2 min!! Yeahhhhh!!!

First hitch hike in my life was successed :D:D:D

Tom(41), swiss people, could speak English very well.

He gave me a can of beer, I arrived at Interlaken safely*
Thank you Tom!!

I checked in the same hostel as before.
Alplodge dormitory 27CHF(about 20Euro)

I'm glad I can get wi-fi in my room today.
Good night everyone.
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