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21 Jul 2010

To Interlaken

I woke up at 5:40am, I took shower and packed baggage, I ate light breakfast that Marco prepared for me.

We planted leave house at 6:20 but we left 6:30, I just worried about the time, we headed to Milano central station by his car.

Marco who go to work now, I said thank you and good bye, I headed to ticket counter in hurry.

But,,, what a long line...!(>_<)

Marco said it'll be OK in a morning, not so much people in line, but in realisity there were more than 50 people!? in line...
I think Italian railway ticket counter is worst than India...

I had no time, so I bought the ticket to SPEIZ by vending machine.
I ran to platform in hurry!

Milano dep.7:25 Spiez arr.9:53
TRENO 50 Second class 52Euro

There is a sign "SSB" on train, so it seems this is a Swis train already.
I rode on the train just before 5 min!! Saaaaaaaaaaaaaafe!!!

This is the ticket I bought by vending machine.
But,, come to think of it, the fee of train 52Euro, I think it's expensive just for 2.5hrs by train.
European railway fee is very expensive~~~(>_<)

I worried about I can buy a international ticket by vending machine though, I could, it was good~.
If I couldn't buy, I was in looooong line to buy a ticket for swis just 3 trains a day, I had to wait until noon to ride on the train~.

Incidentally, from Milano to Interlaken, there are two choice.
One is to Zurich, the other is to Bern.
To Bern is shorter time, so I chose Bern way.

I checket the time and fee on a website.
It'd be better if I can check it at same though, it's a different country, a little bit bother.

Italian railway
Swis railway

This is the seat.
I can use power for PC, convenient*
It seems there is also wi-fi signal, the name is "Passenger" though, I asked the password to 5 people of staff but nobody knows,,, very strange!

I arrived at SPIEZ, then withdrowed a 150chf cash.

Wow, very cool money..!!

I rode on a train to Interlaken,
arrived at Interlaken west sutation.

I dorroped my baggage on hostel, I hung around!

uuuun, very beautiful~*

There is a Japanese garden from mayer of Otsu.

I walked from West to East, I bought someting at super market, I did theck in.

Alplodge 27CHF
Free wi-fi

The reseption staff gave a free transport pass in Interlaken.

When I did Internet, a Japanese man, his nickname is Sennin, talked to me.
I helped his booking for tomorrow, he said to me about paying money for dinner.
Befor dinner I wanted to go some place we can go by a free ticket.

We arrived on Gsteigwiler,

Soooooooo beautiful~~~~!!!

We hung around about 1 hr, very good view!!

These are dinner,
Cheese fondu*

It's about 20Euro a each, but the cheeze not so enough, not so good.

We changed a restaurant, and continewed the dinner.

Bottom: Geschnetzertes

The second pic was very nice~*

And then we went back to tha hostel.

I'm very sleepy.....I could't write the details...
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