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20 Jul 2010

Duomo in Milano

I talked about my story, "Duomo was not so impressed than I expected", last night to Marco, he talked about how beautiful it is to me, so I visit Duomo again.

Come to think of it, I just took a picture from front, then I went inside..

This is front.
I didn't see it close yesterday though, I check and touch the wall,,,
what a great!! what a good job!!!!

The wall is marble and there are a lot of cool and good statue,,, high quality!!

Woooooow,,,,, beautiful...!!!

I looked just inside yeasterday though, outside was also great!!!!
Ceatainly, I can say, this is best!

When you come to Milano, please check the Duomo closer.
Thank you for giving me a good advise, Marco :D

Next I headed to Galleria V.Emanuele ll.

This is inside.

After went through a galleria, there was Piazza d.Scala.

This is statue of Leonardo da Vinci.

Teatro alla Scala

I walked to via Manzoni and walked through brand shops road,

I fond the statue, looks like a Taro Okamoto, famous artist, 's object.

I took a rest at Giardini Pubblici~.

Then, I got a free wi-fi signal at a center of town, I could update my blog.

Marco who finished his work came to town to pick me up,

he took me to icecream shop 1.8Euro*


Marco made a original kusukusu.
It was a first time to eat kusukusu though, yummy, grazie***

At night, I did thai massage for 1.5 hr for him, it was a first time to get a thai massage for him also, he liked it :D

So I leave Milano tomorrow.
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I appreciate your donation for ice cream :D

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