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19 Jul 2010

In Milano

I woke up at 6:40, took shower, ate breakfast, then we went out togher.
Marco go to work, so he dropped me at town.
Well, I go somewhere by myself though..., I lost my favorite mechanical pencile in a parc...(Cry)
That was a special cool pencile that I got it in long years ago, I was shocked~~(>_<)

...actually, I also lost my father's compas in first day in Roma in tram,,, it was also very shocked though,,, I lost very good 2 stuffs...(Cry)

Anyway, I bought a 2 of metro tickets. 1Euro/each

I headed to Duomo.

Today is Monday, not so many people on 9am.

This is a Duomo in Milano!
But I was not so impressed than I thought.

When I went into inside...
main place,

Sooooooo Beautifull!!!!!!
The window are super beautiful...!!
I visited few duomo so far though, this is best!!
It's very beautiful like a TV game world!!

This is beautiful too.

Totally, Milano's duomo is best inside.
So I spended my time here 1 hour.

After duomo, I walked to northwest.


Castello Storzesco

There were strange statues inside.

I walked again, and next I headed to Cenacolo Vinciano.

Santa Maria Delle Grazie

....but under construction??

I thought there are very long line to "Cenacolo Vinciano", so I can find easily though, I could not find the long line....?

I went inside to the church though, looks just normal...

But when I go outside,,,

Oh, this is it!!!!

Buuuuut,,,,it's closed??

Just I checked the sign on the wall, Monday is holiday,,,Ga-n, Ga-n, Ga-n.
But also we have to get a reservation first...

Ok, just easy going.
I continuewed to hung around again.

Italian icecream 2Euro

It was a time to meeting with Marco, so we met again.

Well, today Marco, good at Music, teach me something :D

At first, he played violine for me, it was like a consert just for me*
Wow, that's awesome!

After violine, he taught me how to play a guiter, very much fun***

I made a Okonomiyaki for dinner today*

I enjoyed today very much too~*
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