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18 Jul 2010

To Milano

"oh, sorry!"
"Someone in the kitchen..."
"Wow, you are sleeping in the kitchen?"

I couldn't sleep last night because a lot of people came to the kitchen often...
Besides I couldn't turn the light off because if I turn the light off, fun also stop...
Moreover, in midnight, the window was opened suddenly and the strong wind came inside to kitchen to open all doors,,, I was very scared.

I thought nobody come to the kitchen midnight though, I couldn't sleep enought...

Ah, I want to leave Venezia as quick as possible!!!!

I wake up at 6:30 and took shower and packed my baggage.
It was past 7am though, nobody awake in hostel, so I just tell one staff thatI leave out.

It was rain outside.

I ware rain wear, walked to station.

There were not so much people in line in ticket counter, so I tryed to buy a ticket thre.

At first I wanted to ride the train from Venezia S.L to Mirano though, at that time was no train from Venezia S.L, so just there was from Venezia Mestre to Milano.
But the fee was 30.50Euro, all of them in a internet, so I thought the fee was same if I rode a train from Mestre.

But ticket seller, no smile on his face, said, "31.75Euro."

What!? Why!?!?

"The fee from Venezia S.L to Mestre is 1.25Euro, from Mestre to Milano is 30.50Euro."

Are you sure!?!?
I wanted to ride a train from Venezia S.L but no direct train at this time, but fee was same on the Internet!!

Should I have to pay??

It was bother, so I paid already though,,, I think I didn't need to pay though....

From a lot of reason, I don't like Venezia very much.
Too hot, expensive, easy to lost like in a maze, water color is green in canal, not so much beautiful and my host was bad...

Anyway, I rode a train From Venezia S.L to Mestre, 10min.

This is a first time to ride the train, Eurostar.
Venezia Mestre ~ Milano 30.50Euro.

Actually, I planed to ride a local train, half price of that though, the next host in Milano has a holiday just on weekend, so I decided to go Milano quickly.

This is inside.
Big table and there is a socket for power!!
But it's pity that I can't recline a chair though...

I had no time to see a scenary, just folled asleep.
I couldn't sleep last night and I couldn't had enough time to sleep these 3 days in Venezia...

I arrived at Milano station in 3 hours~.

Today's my host, Marco(34) who sent a message to me from his side, came to station to pick me up by his car, then we headed to his house.

kindly Marco made a lunch for me*
Simple but yummy, grazie!

We had a conversation about 1 hour, then he took me to Mountain by car :D

Como lake

Very beautiful~*

Next we went to the Grigna mountain.

Very good weather, nature is very shiney*

But I came here by flip flap and skert, so it's a bit difficult to walk up to the mountain though..


There is a rocks like a kissing*

Feeling sooooo gooooood~!

After Marco, I followed him.

Took a picture by self timer*

We went down a mountain and took a rest.
Ice cream 2Euro

Here is a tourist place, so very small and expensive(>_<)

We headed to next viewpoint :D

Great landscape*

We went back to house, kindly Marco made another pasta for me.

After pasta, he cutted pineapple for desert and then,


Lemon peer with alchole and sugar long time?
This is for after meal.

At night, he gave me many information for traveling Europe.
Today was finished.

Ah, today was 100 times better than Venezia~***

Arigato, Marco!
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