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17 Jul 2010

To Verona

There is a big festival in Venezia today, I explore around but I couldn't find the mood, I felt tired so I decided to go to Verona.

I bought a ticket by vending machine using credit card this time.
Venezia - Verona 6.15Euro

It's cheap local train, this is inside.
But no A/C, soooooo hot!!!

Then I arrived at Verona in 1.5 hours.

Nuova gate

Gate of Piazza Bra


Via Mazzini

Piazza Erbe

Piazza Signori

Well, the purpose of visit Verona is...

wow,,, around the gate, there are a lot of the paper of wish of love.

Casa di Giulietta
Romeo and Juliet's Julietta' house!

There are a lot of people though...

Thre is a statue of Julietta,

to taching her right breast, we can get happyness marriage, yes I came here to do it :D

Everybody touched her right breast and took picture.

I touched her right breast too*
I wish I can get happyness marriage***

But I felt sorry about the a lot of graffity on the gate.
That's a wish though, I don't understand why they wrote here..


It was a great view from the castle~*

Italian ice cream 2Euro, I headed to a station.

I bought the ticket by vending machine with credit card though, the tain's looks very nice and good A/C, but super slow train...
It was a 1.5 hr from Venezia to Verona but this time was 2.5hr from Verona to Venezia...

Eventually, I arrived at Venezia at 10pm,

I ate this brack pasta for dinner today.

Well, talking about my bed tonight,,,I'm using couch surfing in Venezia too though, I had to move every night...

It was not confortable and it was totally different from I heard and he is writing on his profile.
I don't know where I can sleep until on time, and also I have to put my baggage on baggage strage space always...

There were something unconfortable things, so I decided to move today though, he said today is a big festival of Venezia(he wanted to keep me for massage and expect something.), I also felt not good thing,,, I dissapointed...

So tonight bed is PC room first but after 1 hour I had to move to kitchen.
He said I can get a A/C room today, but it's never happened...

So I'm staying here for free, I shoudn't say complain though, I did 2 hours massage that value is 120Eueo for him, just I wanted to write about my mind.

Well, eventually, problem is a character not the place I sleep...

Yeah, I leave tomorrow!
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