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16 Jul 2010

Too hot!!

My couch host, Lapo(38) is a manager of hostel, he gave me girl's dormitory for 4 people with A/C last night though, still a little bit hot.

Well, I hung around Venezia today too...

I started to walking but too hot to hung around, it was like in a oven.

I fond a shade and took this picture.

When I went to Piazza Roma, I fond a bus to Mirano!?

Wow, there is a bus to Mirano!!
I asked it about driver, he said "Mirano? or Milano?"


I showed him a map and I pointed Milano...

Wow, that's a different!!!

Very confusing!!

If I took the bus, I went to somewhere not Milano!
I have to pay attension about the spell!

I contenuewed to walk though,,, too hot to walk...

Ice 1.3 Euro, I ate it on the park sitting under shade.

After ate, I walked again,,,, it's crazy hot~~~(>_<)

Frozen orange 1.7 Euro, and walked again.

This is a Venezia.

Well,,, super hot hot hot,,, I have never felt this hot temperature before, it's hotter than India and Thailand... I will be fry, so I slept some time at a bench of university I fond.

Super crazy hot~~~~~~(>_<)

I don't need sightseeing because of hot.

Moreover, Venezia is maze, I lost many times,,,it got my motivation off...

But Venezia is famous for Carnival of this,

like this,

like this shop on the Venezia, it was fun though.

A cool church gate.

Gondora on a water way.

This is today's dinner, seafood*

Well then, the room for tonight for me was big room but broken door, no key at bath room, no A/C no fan,,,, very hot room...

But this is a free room, so I don't say anyting!!!

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