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09 Jul 2010

Italian dinner

Today was a strike of all transportation in Roma!
I've read about strike in Italy from my guidebook though, I never expect that while I'm in Roma.
Andrea said the strike is happened every 2 or 3 months, very surprised..
If a tourist come to Italy like this day, they can't go anywhere..

So I did internet to get some information in home.
Andrea's cousin, Marco(35) came to home to meet Andrea.
In the evening, we 3 headed to Italian restaurant together*

Ham and cheese, super yummy~~~~!!!

Something on the bread.

Rice croquette.

This is the table.
Drinks are beer, coke and sparkling water.

Pizza Margherita and the other pizza.
Roman pizza base is very thin, very crispy*
Napoli's one will be thick.

I was impressed though, when the waiter come to table to bring a pizza, if I still eat something, he brought it back.
It means I can eat hot pizza later again.
That's awesome, pizza country Italy!

Frozen lemon juice after dinner.
Yummy and brisk~*

We ate these yummy dishes with 3 thouth, I'm very full!

After joyful dinner, we headed to bread shop.

Sweet bread shop?
Looks very sweet.
Andrea bought 2 breads for next breakfast for me*

Then we headed to Marco's car parking point to see Marco off,
we found the cute and small car for 2 person*
I can't find this kind of car in Japan.
I saw this small can in around Roma, I wish Japanese car company make this kind of car.

By the way, it seems there is no enough land, a lot of car parking on the street in around Roma.
It's like 1/2 of road is occupied by car parking.
That's very surprised.
So I don't think I wanna live in Roma...

Like this today was finished with full of Italian dishes~.

Today was a strike of transportation, so Lusie and Loi came back late, I worried about them until they came back though, I was releifed that they came back safely :)
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