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06 Jul 2010


I thought I make Okonomiyaki(Japanese dish, it's like a pizza) for Andrea, we went super market.

This is a shopping cart in Italy.
It's interesting, different from normal one.

I already bought a Japanese mayonnaise and soup for Okonomiyaki's ingredient though, I have to get more.

I looked for cabbage, cabbage,,,
What's this!!!(lol)
Too round!!!
It's like a ball.
Awesome Italy.
Normal shape is OK for me.

Cheese and salami
I like cheese :)

I looked for BBQ sourse though, they didn't have that, so I got soy sourse and ketchup for sourse, and pork.
I fond a Japanese good soy sourse though, it was 5 Euro, expensive!!

I also got a Italy and German mayonnaise*
1 Euro Italy
1.28 Euro Germany

It was a first time to find a Mcdonald, very rare!

This is a dish that Andrea made for lunch.
Italian wine is very yummy~*
I'll make Okonomiyaki for dinner.

Andrea go to the other job as elected person in Roma, I also went there with him for curious.

We arrived at a park.
A lot of people cleaned the park, took garbage.

I wrote before though, Roma is not so clean city.
A lot of graffitys and also garbage in street.
It was dissapointed..

I thought, it was not so late though, it was already 8pm.

We went back to home and I thought making Okonomiyaki for dinner though, I'm still full from lunch...

So Andrea made a light dishes.
The cheese was super yummy, I was really impressed it!
The red wine was yummy too.
The taste was like a expensive wine that I drank in New Zealand.

Andrea is also salsa dance teacher, I learned salsa about 30 min. after dinner.
I also did Thai massage for him.

After that, Andrea took me to Italian icecream shop*

This is the shop near university, no tourist.

3 kind of icecream, big volume, 1.8Euro!
Cheaper than I ate in tourist spot!

After eating, he took me to dance club next.
Cool Italian people is dancing...
I debut salsa dancer suddenly.

Very difficult to dance...!

But also very fun...!

We danced until the end.
The time was about 4 am....

I need sleep...

Hey Sue, go to bed!!
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