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05 Jul 2010

Long day

I woke up at 9am, and went out at 11am.
I thought to go Citta del Vaticano though, I don't have enough time today, so I'll go there next.
Today is a last day of Roma pass, also a lot of museum in Monday are closed, so let's go other free sight.

I rode on metro to Circo Massimo st., and then walk to east.

Bocca della Verita

There were not so many people than I expected, just about 30 people were on the line.
The fee was 50 cent, we can take just 1 picture for 1 person.

After took picture, went to the church.

Chiesa di Santa Maria in Cosmedin

I went out from church, and acrossed the road.

Piazza Bocca della Verita

In Roma, there are a lot of sight and architectures when I walk through normally, it's fun*

Teatro Marcello

Piazza Campidoglio

Thre are 2 musium here though, today is off because of Monday.

Huge statue on the Piazza.

Monument a Vittorio Emanuele ll

Very huge!!!
It was hard work to walk up.

Italian icecream 3Euro.
Unnn,,, yummy~~~***

I walked on this stone road with eating icecream,

I fond huge architecture again.
S . Ignazio di Loyola

Walk through to east.

Here I am, Pantheon!!

Piazza d. Rotonda, in front of Pantheon.

Inside the Pantheon, we can't go inside if we ware not suitable clothes and prohibited to take a picture though, everybody were there even someone ware very short sleeve and bottom, and everybody are taking picture,

so this sign has no make sence.

Inside the Pantheon, there is no artificial light, this is just the natural light from outside on ceiling.

On the way back, I walk through Trevi fauntain.
A lot of people.

I bought this shaved lemon ice juice for 1.5Euro.
A little bit expensive consider about the quantity.

There are water surver like this everywhere in Roma, very cool wataer and everybody drink this, I also drink this water sometimes.
I don't need carry watar bottle, it's convenient :D

When I came back to home, Andrea already came back to home, we had a conversation and took a rest.
Today was a guraduation day of his friend, so I went to university with him.

I rode on his back, buiiiiii~.
Looked like a normal road though, the speed was 80km/h, very cool and fun though, it reminded me Thailand's road.
I think Japanese road was very good condition and rule.

We arrived at university and said hello to his friend,
we went to shop in university, Andrea bought the Italian coffee for me, 80cent.
It was a first time to drink Italian coffee for me, very deep taste and good*
Thank you Andrea~*

After university, we headed to a restaurant.

Andrea took me to nice restaurant***

First dishes, already yummy*

Fish and herb ball, and rice croquette.

Pizza capricciosa

Herb drink, the taste was like a medicine(?) after dinner.

Kindly Andrea paid the dinner for me~***
I respect him and I also wanna be like this person*
He is such a person who are enjoying his life very much.

Thank you so much, Andrea!

After dinner we went back to home once and changed to riding his car, we headed to a beach about 40min from Roma.

It was a party of graduated his friend, they went inside to sea looks cold, dancing with music, sleeping on the sand on seat.
I also brought my bathing suit though, it was cold for me so I didnt...

By the way, everyone can't speak English except Andrea, I also can't speak Italian, so just said Hi though, we don't need to say "Nice to meet you.".
Just say our each name and shake hund, that's all.
That was a new culture for me.

We came back to home very midnight, it was about 4am....

Well,,, we need sleep a lot...
It was a long day today~~~.
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