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04 Jul 2010

Sightseeing in Roma

I woke up at 7 am.
Andrea already went to work, so I ate a breakfast by myself.

This is a breakfast.
Very normal though, I like it*

I went out 9 am, let's go to sightseeing!

From Termini st. I rode on subway.
There is graffiti on their side.
But I can say there are a lot of graffiti in Roma city, it was a different from my Roma image than I expected.

To Colosseo by subway.

Big!!! Biiiiiiiiig!
I didn't miss where Colosseo is.

The entrance fee was 12 Euro, expensive!
A lot of people in line already though, I had a Roma pass, so I could go inside quickly.
I recommend this Roma pass!

This is underway of Colosseo.

Fighting suits.

Next, I headed to Foro Romano.

It was very hot day, and very tired though, I walked to Palatino.

Studium in Paratino.

When I was a high school student, I studied about Europe history though, I couldn't imagine at all at that time, just remember the name,, but if I had a story of history, it would be more interesting...

But,,,, my legs like a log...too much walking...
Moreover I wore denim,,, 2 times hot...
I can't walk, I don't wanna walk...but next day, Monday, a lot of sight be closed and Roma pass valid is 3 days, so I walked again to next sight.

Terme di Caracalla
This is a big bath place that 1600 people can take a bath together by Caracalla.

Ancient bath.

Wow,, this is bath floor.

Well, I visited Colosseo, Foro Romano and Terme di Caracalla under hot temperature, I felt pain on my legs and no power anymore.

Just I went back to Andrea's home and ate lasagna that Andrea said to me I can eat, then took a rest from 3 pm.
And then I woke up at 5 pm, I went out again for sightseeing.

Piazza di Spagna
It was smaller than I expected.

Fist time to eat Italian gelato in Italy, 2.5 Euro.

Fontana di Trevi

It was 7 pm.
Long day.

Let's go back to home.
...to be honest, I can't walk anymore, my legs was really like a log.

This is dinner Andrea made it for me.
Thank you Andrea*

After dinner, I did 1 hour Thai massage for him.
It was a first time to get a Thai massage for him also.
He really liked it and wanted to learn, I teach some though, already midnight.
I got his impression to my notebook, and then he went back to his room.

We slept in 2:30 am, midnight...
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