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03 Jul 2010

To Roma

I moved to empty 2 seart and slept on but I couldn't my leg straight so I couldn't sleep well.


I thought about that, I heared just a calm music and the light turned on.

This is a breakfast of Blue Panorama.

I arrived at 6:30am in Rome airport, I said good bye to Mattia, next seat, who go to Milano.

At passport control, he didn't ask me anything, just gave me a date stump.
It was easy to go inside Europe than I expected.
No return ticket check, no visa check.
I guess because of Japanese.

Next passport control place, a Thai girl stand there though, the control stuff asked her many question that she has enought money or where she stay.

Well, let's go to baggage claim.
Just I grabbed my west bag that I bought it in Chiang mai in 300B,,,


I don't buy a bag in Thailand anymore...
What is a Thai quality...

I took a picture with new Italian friend that we met at baggage claim, and then I went to railway station to city.

14 Euro from airport to Termini station.

Before ride, I have to get stump by stumping machine though, it was difficult to get a stump..!
I tried a few machine.

This is the train.

This is inside, very clean.

When I ride inside, a Italian man said to hi to me.
His name is Enrico(33:Italian), he sat down in front of me, we talked with something while in train.

About 30 min later, I got Termini st., I bought a Roma pass, 25Euro at Information counter.
Roma pass is good for tourist, 3 days valid, free public transport, free enter 2 sight, get discount other sight.

Although, the stuff of Rome are not friendly, I scared then a bit.

The Termini st. is very big and I lost first though, I went to phone company to buy SIM card.

10 Euro for SIM, including 5 Euro charge.
4 cent/1 min
Also I charged 10 Euro.
Total 20 Euro

I called to Andrea(35:Italian) who accept me as couch serfer.
He came to the staion to give me a room key.
He is working today.

I headed to Andrea's home by tram.
I had no idea where I am, so I asked the tram stop and kind old Italian man told me about the stop, he said "Here! Here is your stop! ride off!", so I rided off.
But it was a wrong stop...(lol)

I asked the local Italian girl to correct stop, I went back to 3 stop.
Finally I arrived at Andrea's home, he let me use very clean 1 room and bed, I impressed!
Just I took shower first and took a nap 1 hour, then I headed to Roma city.

I could ride a public transport with Roma pass though, I wanted to walk around first to know about the city, I walk walk walk...from Termini st.

Fountain in Piazza della Repubblica.

Walk, walk, walk,,,

A asian woman asked me "Do you speak English?".
I guessed she is Japanese, I asked her "Are you Japanese?".
She was Japanese, so we started talking in Japanese :)
She is Fukui(64) who lost the way, came to Roma with tour.
I checked the way by my map, she headed to opposit direction, so I took her correct way.(I was new here too though.)

Palazzo Barberini
She paid entrance fee 5 Euro for me, thank you!!

After that, we hung around together and took a rest at Mcdnaldo.
She paid the meal for me too, thank you very much :D

On evening, we met the other 2 Japanese women who were with tour, we went to cafe and took a rest again.

Freezing juice 4 Euro.

We tried to walk one sight to see though, it was started rain, we went inside to a restaurant.

This was first time to eat Italian dishes in Italy, very yummy***

The price was 8-10 Euro a each person.

I was lucky that I could meet them.
If I was by myself, I didn't go restaurant to eat.

Still not dark outside in 8pm.

We went to Santa Maria Maggiore after dinner, took a picture*

From there, we headed to Termini st. and I helped to get taxi for them (because they can't speak English well), I also went to back to Andrea's home.
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