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30 Jun 2010

I'm on Thai magazine

I was interviewed 2 months ago, and the magazine was released already!

The No.1 Women's Guide to Beauty & Health (in Thailand)


My pictures are topmost 4 pictures and rightside one.
Actually, every pictures were be mine though, I got injury on my foot at that time, so the magazine stuff was thrown instead of me...

Anyway, I'm on magazine in Thailand, whee***

...By the way, I bought a flight ticket Bangkok - Roma in 550 Euro though, just I got notice e-mail from the airline for changing flight time.
So just I checked the price again as same time same day,,,

To be surprised,,,, the price was turned to 350 Euro!?!?


200 Euro cheaper than I bought!!!!!!

At first I thought it's a miss of web system though, I search it many times,,,, still 350 Euro...
Moreover, my ticket is LCC ticket that I can't cancel and buy new one...
I tried to call to call center in Italy but just it's saying the auomatic information many time...

If I knew I could buy the ticket so cheap, I didnt need hurry to buy the ticket earlier~~~(>_<)

Give me back my 200 Euro~~~!!!

But...I thought 550 Euro is still cheap though, 350 Euro from Bangkok to Roma for 4 months ticket is super cheap.....

Awesome blu-express!!

...I hope I will be able to go to Roma safely.
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