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17 Jun 2010

Making leather product

"I'm gonna go to my friend's shop though, do you wanna come with me?"

I got the SMS.

The message came from Ake(39:Thai, leather craftsman) who met me by chance in a leather shop that I went there yesterday to buy some stuff for sewing.

"Yes, I'll go!"

He came to pick me up on his bike and he took me his friend's, Nu(40:famous leather craftsman in Chiang mai), leather shop in Mae cho.

This is the shop.

I wanted to learn how to make a leather stuff.
When I met Ake yesterday, I talked about that, he kindly introduced his friend, Nu, as teacher for free.

So, let's get started Nu's leather product making course!

At first, make a pattern and draw the line on a leather.
Then cut the round by cutter, make the leather soft by water.

Curve a drawing by tool on wet leather.

Paint a color by lether color.

After painting, cut around as same as pattern by cutter.

Use glue.

Attach the lether and leather together.
After attaching, make the edge soft by nail.

Make a hole to sewing point.

sew in back stitch.
The first and last stitch, sew 2 times.

Attach a button by hammer.

This is a case for lighter though, I don't smoke, so I use this for coin case :D

When I was going to pay for material, Mr. Nu presented it for me!!
Thank you very much, Mr. Nu and Mr. Ake!!

This is Mr. Nu, cool!
He don't sell his products, just he get order.

This is a dinner, Pad Thai.

Thus, one of my dream came true.
Thanks for all.
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