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14 Jun 2010

I want to have white teeth

Today is the day that I booked 5 days ago.

Pongsakorn Dental Clinic
Near Thapae gate.

This dentist was recomended from Mr. Ben(Swis) though, I also recomend here.
Dr. can speak English well and price is cheaper than others.

At first I thought to change my 6 teeth though,,, eventually I changed 4 teeth.
But also I wanna do whitening as Korean star.

The price is 4000B, Dr. said.
That's cheaper than Market price that is 5000-6000B.

The way of whitening is just like this.(Japanese though.)

It took 1 and a half, I couldn't move my neck, so my neck and head was stiff~.

After whitening, Dr. replaced my all ceramic 4 teeth, then everything was finished.

When I checked my mouth by mirror, wow my teeth turned to white*
I may be able to keep this white for 2 years if I don't drink coffee or tea.
Dr. treated me 2 hours and a half today.
I thought going to dentist take about 1 month though, just I went to dentist 2 times, alltogether 5 days.

If this was in Japan, it might take 2 or 3 months.
Awesome Thai dentist!

So last price is

All ceramic teeth(IPS E-MAX) 9000B*4=36000B
Whitening 4000B
Cut crown 500B
Cut onlay 500B
Filling 400B*3=1200B
Cleaning 400B
Total 42600B

But Dr. gave me discount, so the last price turned to 39000B :D

If I wanna do same treatment in Japan, it will be take more time and the price will be 5 times expensive.
If I will make false teeth in a future, let's come to Thailand again :D
*For your information, good and cheap dentist is in Thailand and Malaysia.

Don't drink hot or cold one.
Don't use floss today.
If you don't drink coffee or tea for 1 week, you can keep white teeth for long.

Dr. said that to me, I said "Ok, I don't".
Then I went back to my home.

I like the white teeth~*
Just check my teeth by mirror many time, it reminds me Korean star.

If I will be able to marry and get a child, I wanna keep their teeth good and make looks beautiful.

Finished about my dentist story.

Reference price:
Extraction = 300-500B
Cleaning = 400-500B
Filling = 300~B
Surgical removal = 800-2000B
Tooth whitening = 4000B
Crown = 4500~B
Temporaly removal denture = 1000~B
Flexble removal denture = 3500~B
Root canal = 1000-2000B
Apply fluoride = 150B
Sealant = 150B
X-ray = 100B per film
Orthodontic = 35000B
Cut old crown = 500B / 1crown

- Metal pin = 1500B
- Fiber pin = 2500B

1) Non Precious metal
- Non Nikel = 4500B

2) Precious metal
- Palladium = 7000B
- 54% gold = 10000B
- 86% gold = 13000B
- 95% gold = 14000B

3) All ceramic
- Inceram = 7000B
- IPS E-MAX = 9000B
- Cercon = 12000B

4) All metal gold
- Premolar = 12000B
- Molar = 15000B
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