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12 Jun 2010

Flight ticket

Let's go to Europe after make my teeth beautiful!
I'm thinking about it but I haven't bought a flight ticket yet, and I just can stay in Thailand for 1 month without Visa...

So I'm just leaning Thai yoga at Timmy's place, doing exercise at MMA Chiang mai and joined a dinner with dressmaking school mates though, I'm always thinking about flight ticket.

But is there any good ticket in summer season for Europe?
Just I wanna go into anywhere in Europe though.
I wanna buy the ticket just for one way if possible,,, but what if I can't go inside Europe,, so maybe it's be safe to buy round ticket.

Normally, Kuala Lumpur to London by Air Asia is cheap that my firend said.

But when I checked it, it was not so cheap.
So I checked the ticket by Skyscanner.

I checked a lot of lines from Bangkok to Europe, finally I fond a cheap ticket.
The airline is Blu Express.

Bangkok to Roma, Italy for 4 months round ticket is 550 Euro!
I consider about the price a bit...and bought it finally~~!!
Just from curiosity, I searched about the airline, I fond a someone's article in Japanese.
He said, at that time, it was a just 60 Euro from Roma to Bangkok!!
And the quality was not so bad.
Wow... I wanted to buy the ticket!!!

So my first trip to Europe will be start from Italy!
Italy is good to move to west, east and north!

I have to learn Italian a bit...
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