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06 Jun 2010

To Khaosan Rd.

I woke up late and went to super market with Kayo-san*
Kayo-san who has a job from afternoon, I talked with her few hours, then I packed my baggage and went out with her.

Checked the bus stop to airport first, we went to tea shop to buy drink.

Perl milk tea and Yuzu tea that we bought at "Gong cha".
It's about 2US$, very yummy~~*

When we head to bus stop, the bus was coming though, I had a enough time that I didn't ride it and we sit down on a bench and continue talking.

25 min. later, the bus came again, I try to ride it though, what was happened?
I missed it!!
I couldn't believe it!!
The bus just went away without stop!!
*In Hong Kong, we have to hands up before riding...

That's... very urgent...

Do I have to take a taxi or train?
But maybe next bus would be OK...
Even if I missed my flight, let's stay Hong Kong for 3 weeks more!
(*Even if someone missed a flight, maybe they can ride on a next flight if a seat available though, I already checked in by Internet...)

20 min. later, the next bus was coming!!
Finally I could ride on a bus!
It was good that the bus time was collect in Hong Kong (^^;

I checked in right away, I went to bording gate just 15 min. before takeoff.
I was relieved...

Chathay Pacific CX751.
I choose a fish meal, good.

Tookoff 14:25 Hong kong and I arrived Bangkok 16:10, just 2hours 45min.
Very fast.
That's closer than Tokyo from Fukui(my hometown).

By the way, I wanted to use Couch surfing, but I couldn't get reply.
I went to Khaosan Rd. just same as usual.

There is a airport bus from airport though, there is also local bus.
Local bus is cheaper than airport one.

Just I rode on shuttle bus to city bus station.

This is the bus to Khaosan Rd., the Number 556.

This is the bus route. ->here

When I took a airport bus, it took 1 hour though, by local bus it took just 30min.
Airport bus is 150B.
Local bus is 33B with A/C.

I don't take a airport bus anymore...

This is the Khaosan Rd.
I never expected I come here so many times.
Here is a useful place for backpacker.
But...not so many backpacker now.
Because of rainy season and the Bangkok problem...

Just I waited in front of Khaosan Rd., my friend Nori-san(Japanese) and his friend came to meet me*

When I send a contact to him, just he stay in Bangkok until tonight.
He learned Thai massage in Wat Po as well.
We had a mobile phone, that's very useful~*

He showed me his guesthouse, it was... but just 1 night is OK.
I checked in after I checked a some room that I can lock a door and window.

Nut2 Guesthouse
Share bathroom
Twin 160B

Nori-san and his friend stayed at 220B room with bathroom though...just 1 night is ok for me.

We went to street restaurant.
A lot of vegetables on a table.
I looked at inside a bit, it looks spicy soup and noodle...
Ok, just let's try.

This is.
Thin noodle with a bit spicy soup and meat ball, 20B.

It was a bit spicy for me~.

Nori-san couldn't book a mini bus to airport, so he thought head to airport by taxi thugh, we could find a airport bus stop.
Nori-san kept a money for taxi though, he don't need so much money anymore,
he bought a fruit for us.
Besides, he bought drink for us.
Thank you Nori-san*

This is Nori-san.
What a huge backpack!!
It's a same size as you!!(LOL)

Awesome...this is a real backpacker, right?
Just I would wanna buy a big one...

The airport bus was coming, I said bye to him.
Let's meet again~~~*
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