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05 Jun 2010

Hung around Hong Kong

I woke up at 9am.
Kayo-san also woke up soon, then we went to super market together to buy breakfast.

I thought a price in Hong Kong are just a little bit cheaper than Japan, not so chaep.

This is a breakfast that Kayo-san prepared it for us =)
Thank you Kayo-san*

I fond a mayonnaise of Hong Kong, so I bought =)
(I'm a moyonnaise collecter. LOL)

Kayo-san has a job from afternoon, until the time, we enjoyed a conversation and I did massage to her.
And then we went out together.

On the way her office we rode on MTR together, then I had to go somewhere by myself.
At first I thought to going to China though, I didn't walk around Hong Kong so much yet, so I try to somewhere as Kayo-san's advise.

I went to "Wong Thai Sin" by MTR.

"Wong Thai Sin" is very big, no one miss it.
But I missed it.

Just walking straight from MTR, I don't know why but I turned to left.

Is here "Wong Thai Sin" ??
But nobody are shaking fortune bars...??
(Wong Thai Sin is a fortune-telling temple.)

I noticed here was just a garden behind of the "Wong Thai Sin".

I turned to back and walked back the same way, finally I fond the temple.

This is the gate!

Main temple.
A lot of people are shaking bars of fortune.
But I didn't do that, come to think of it I had nothing to want to know about something :D

After the temple, I went to Central by MTR.
I hung around Li Yuen St. West & East, Pottinger St. with map.
But nothing special that I wanted to buy.

Ah, there is a long escalator that on Hong Kong movie.
Let's go there!

800m! Long!

I rode on escalator almost until the end seeing around.
But nothing special to find, just I walked to Hollywood Rd. and hung around.

Finally I fond a cool shop and enjoyed window shopping.

Though, it's gonna be the time to meet Taka-san!
I have to Hurry up!

Oops! There is a cake shop!

I bought the egg tart that I really wanted to eat!! 4HK$
What a yummy~~~~~~!!!
This one is much better than the Shang hai one that I ate in Shang hai!!
If I knew this was so yummy, I bought a lot.
(Just 1 I bought since I hurried up.)

Anyway, I have to go to the meeting point quickly!!
I expect the point was not so far though, it was a bit far.
Moreover I lost...

I'm sorry,,, I'm so sorry Taka-san!!!
Just I apologized in my heart and ran to.
On the way, I fond a public phone and I could call him.
I asked the way to many people, finally I could get the meeting point.
Though,,,, I was late 1 hour....

I really said sorry to Taka-san.
I should have ridden a bus or train...

Despite this, Taka-san waited me with smile.
What a great person, what a great heart...!!

We headed to a super market for ingredient, then I visited his house again for making Japanese dish.

This is the "Oyakodon", a popular Japanese dish, egg and chicken on a rice with soup.

*How to make the Oyakodon*

Ingredient for 2 person.
Rice: proper quantity
Chicken: proper quantity
Onion: proper quantity
Egg: 2 to 4

Sake: 4 tea spoon
Soy sauce: 8 tea spoon
Sugar: 4 tea spoon
Mirin: 8 tea spoon
Dashi: 1 tea spoon
Water: 200cc~

Cut onion and chicken for one bite size.
Mix eggs.
Boil water, put onion into a pot.
Is onion looking soft, chicken and the others put into a pot except egg.
Is looking good, put mixed eggs into a pot and stop a fire. (Don't mix everything.)

Serve rice on a bowl, then serve the Oyakodon on the rice.


Actually, just I told him how to make it, he made it by himself.
It was very good and yummy~~~!!!

And also he made the fried vegetable though, also yummyu~~~!!!

Taka-san is super clean person, he cleaned his kitchen to super clean, I was really impressed!!

For dessert.
A tart I bought at cake shop in central :D

This was also yummy~~~~***

It was a fist experience using a couch surfing for me, I really enjoyed it!!!
We had a good conversation and I also did a Thai massage for him to exchange.
Taka-san, thank you very much!!
I wish I'd like to meet you again(^^)

I like sightseeing but also I love meeting with people!
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