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03 Jun 2010

To Hong Kong

I woke up at 5am at my friend's room and then went to a Kansai(Osaka) airport by airport bus.
*From Kyoto to Osaka: 2500yen by Bus

I go Hong Kong by Chathay Pacific CX503 on 10:05.

This is the meal I orderd as Japanese one from Japanese pork/Chinese chikin though, it was a "Buta no Kakuni" I never expected!!
Was very soft and yummy~***

After 4 hours I leaved Japan, I got to Hong Kong, 13:00pm in local time.(minus 1 hour from Japan time.)
Quite close! Fast!

I withdrew a 1000HK$(1HK$=13yen) from ATM in airport and went to a bus station.

I rode the bus number A21, the bus took me city center in about 1 hour.
The fee was 33HK$.
The double decker bus let me noticed I'm really in Hongkong!

This was a first time to riding in double decker for me, I tried to sit down the most front seat on a second floor.

The famous singer Faye Wong was welcomed for me :D

While the bus was running on high way, I saw high buildings, it reminds me Penang island in malaysia.
But when the bus ran into a town,

many big signs come to on a road, I thought here I'm in Hongkong.

In this trip,I thought I wanna use the Couch Surfing as much as possible, I could find the person, he is Taka-san who let me stay in his room.

It was a first experience and first meeting though, when I went to his house, he expected I'm hungry,
Taka-san made dumpling soup for me! Awesome!

I could get in Hongkong around 3pm, so I thought to go out to sightseeing though, it was a bad weather.
We talked with something a few hour, the weather was getting better, so Taka-san took me to show around at about 7pm.

Bruce Lee's statue in Victoria Harbour.

Jackie Chan's hands print.

Symphony of lights from 8pm every night!

Every lights on building moves with music.
This is awesome!!

After the show, he took me popular restaurant*

We walked on the Kanton Rd., I also wanted to check the famous building,
the Chungking mansions, between Cke and Sony.

A lot of Indians stayed there, and was a little bit scared because they are so sticky.
If I couldn't find Taka-san, I thought I looked for a room here though, I was safe..

Incidentally, this is the upper of Chungking mansions.
Ummm,,, it seems uncomfortable...

Hong Kong in the night was very beautiful***

Taka-san let me stay to his couch of super clean room, I was really happy and enjoyed at first night.

Thank you so much, Taka-san!!!
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