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30 Jun 2010

I'm on Thai magazine

I was interviewed 2 months ago, and the magazine was released already!

The No.1 Women's Guide to Beauty & Health (in Thailand)


My pictures are topmost 4 pictures and rightside one.
Actually, every pictures were be mine though, I got injury on my foot at that time, so the magazine stuff was thrown instead of me...

Anyway, I'm on magazine in Thailand, whee***

...By the way, I bought a flight ticket Bangkok - Roma in 550 Euro though, just I got notice e-mail from the airline for changing flight time.
So just I checked the price again as same time same day,,,

To be surprised,,,, the price was turned to 350 Euro!?!?


200 Euro cheaper than I bought!!!!!!

At first I thought it's a miss of web system though, I search it many times,,,, still 350 Euro...
Moreover, my ticket is LCC ticket that I can't cancel and buy new one...
I tried to call to call center in Italy but just it's saying the auomatic information many time...

If I knew I could buy the ticket so cheap, I didnt need hurry to buy the ticket earlier~~~(>_<)

Give me back my 200 Euro~~~!!!

But...I thought 550 Euro is still cheap though, 350 Euro from Bangkok to Roma for 4 months ticket is super cheap.....

Awesome blu-express!!

...I hope I will be able to go to Roma safely.
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17 Jun 2010

Making leather product

"I'm gonna go to my friend's shop though, do you wanna come with me?"

I got the SMS.

The message came from Ake(39:Thai, leather craftsman) who met me by chance in a leather shop that I went there yesterday to buy some stuff for sewing.

"Yes, I'll go!"

He came to pick me up on his bike and he took me his friend's, Nu(40:famous leather craftsman in Chiang mai), leather shop in Mae cho.

This is the shop.

I wanted to learn how to make a leather stuff.
When I met Ake yesterday, I talked about that, he kindly introduced his friend, Nu, as teacher for free.

So, let's get started Nu's leather product making course!

At first, make a pattern and draw the line on a leather.
Then cut the round by cutter, make the leather soft by water.

Curve a drawing by tool on wet leather.

Paint a color by lether color.

After painting, cut around as same as pattern by cutter.

Use glue.

Attach the lether and leather together.
After attaching, make the edge soft by nail.

Make a hole to sewing point.

sew in back stitch.
The first and last stitch, sew 2 times.

Attach a button by hammer.

This is a case for lighter though, I don't smoke, so I use this for coin case :D

When I was going to pay for material, Mr. Nu presented it for me!!
Thank you very much, Mr. Nu and Mr. Ake!!

This is Mr. Nu, cool!
He don't sell his products, just he get order.

This is a dinner, Pad Thai.

Thus, one of my dream came true.
Thanks for all.
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14 Jun 2010

I want to have white teeth

Today is the day that I booked 5 days ago.

Pongsakorn Dental Clinic
Near Thapae gate.

This dentist was recomended from Mr. Ben(Swis) though, I also recomend here.
Dr. can speak English well and price is cheaper than others.

At first I thought to change my 6 teeth though,,, eventually I changed 4 teeth.
But also I wanna do whitening as Korean star.

The price is 4000B, Dr. said.
That's cheaper than Market price that is 5000-6000B.

The way of whitening is just like this.(Japanese though.)

It took 1 and a half, I couldn't move my neck, so my neck and head was stiff~.

After whitening, Dr. replaced my all ceramic 4 teeth, then everything was finished.

When I checked my mouth by mirror, wow my teeth turned to white*
I may be able to keep this white for 2 years if I don't drink coffee or tea.
Dr. treated me 2 hours and a half today.
I thought going to dentist take about 1 month though, just I went to dentist 2 times, alltogether 5 days.

If this was in Japan, it might take 2 or 3 months.
Awesome Thai dentist!

So last price is

All ceramic teeth(IPS E-MAX) 9000B*4=36000B
Whitening 4000B
Cut crown 500B
Cut onlay 500B
Filling 400B*3=1200B
Cleaning 400B
Total 42600B

But Dr. gave me discount, so the last price turned to 39000B :D

If I wanna do same treatment in Japan, it will be take more time and the price will be 5 times expensive.
If I will make false teeth in a future, let's come to Thailand again :D
*For your information, good and cheap dentist is in Thailand and Malaysia.

Don't drink hot or cold one.
Don't use floss today.
If you don't drink coffee or tea for 1 week, you can keep white teeth for long.

Dr. said that to me, I said "Ok, I don't".
Then I went back to my home.

I like the white teeth~*
Just check my teeth by mirror many time, it reminds me Korean star.

If I will be able to marry and get a child, I wanna keep their teeth good and make looks beautiful.

Finished about my dentist story.

Reference price:
Extraction = 300-500B
Cleaning = 400-500B
Filling = 300~B
Surgical removal = 800-2000B
Tooth whitening = 4000B
Crown = 4500~B
Temporaly removal denture = 1000~B
Flexble removal denture = 3500~B
Root canal = 1000-2000B
Apply fluoride = 150B
Sealant = 150B
X-ray = 100B per film
Orthodontic = 35000B
Cut old crown = 500B / 1crown

- Metal pin = 1500B
- Fiber pin = 2500B

1) Non Precious metal
- Non Nikel = 4500B

2) Precious metal
- Palladium = 7000B
- 54% gold = 10000B
- 86% gold = 13000B
- 95% gold = 14000B

3) All ceramic
- Inceram = 7000B
- IPS E-MAX = 9000B
- Cercon = 12000B

4) All metal gold
- Premolar = 12000B
- Molar = 15000B
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12 Jun 2010

Flight ticket

Let's go to Europe after make my teeth beautiful!
I'm thinking about it but I haven't bought a flight ticket yet, and I just can stay in Thailand for 1 month without Visa...

So I'm just leaning Thai yoga at Timmy's place, doing exercise at MMA Chiang mai and joined a dinner with dressmaking school mates though, I'm always thinking about flight ticket.

But is there any good ticket in summer season for Europe?
Just I wanna go into anywhere in Europe though.
I wanna buy the ticket just for one way if possible,,, but what if I can't go inside Europe,, so maybe it's be safe to buy round ticket.

Normally, Kuala Lumpur to London by Air Asia is cheap that my firend said.

But when I checked it, it was not so cheap.
So I checked the ticket by Skyscanner.

I checked a lot of lines from Bangkok to Europe, finally I fond a cheap ticket.
The airline is Blu Express.

Bangkok to Roma, Italy for 4 months round ticket is 550 Euro!
I consider about the price a bit...and bought it finally~~!!
Just from curiosity, I searched about the airline, I fond a someone's article in Japanese.
He said, at that time, it was a just 60 Euro from Roma to Bangkok!!
And the quality was not so bad.
Wow... I wanted to buy the ticket!!!

So my first trip to Europe will be start from Italy!
Italy is good to move to west, east and north!

I have to learn Italian a bit...
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09 Jun 2010

To dentist

Do I go to dentist today~?
I thought it and went out, I met Cris and Petor by chance.
Every day I meet new people.

Hey! Long time no see!
They go to market to buy lunch, so I joined them and took lunch together :)

After lunch, I went to dentist.

I decided to go to the dentist who gave me detail information.

At first I told my hope to Dr., and I took a x-ray, then I went to examination room.

I wanted to change my 4 front teeth to all ceramic.

This is the estimate:
E-Max, Crown 9000B*4=36000B
Cut crown 500B
Cut onlay 500B
Filling 400B
Fiber pin 2500B
Cleaning service
Total 39900B

...But I asked him about discount,,,
Final total turned to 37000B!! Yeah~~~!!!!

We can discount everything in Thailand even if it's dentist..that's awesome(lol)

Thailand's dentist is not so different from Japanese one.

But the Dr. couldn't change the pin to fiber one, so he changed his plan.

In Japan, the Dr. just do 1 tooth at one time though, Thai Dr. did 4 teeth at the same time.

I never expect it and that's very good!

So,,, how much is that alltogether?

E-Max, Crown 9000B*4=36000B
Cut crown 500B
Cut onlay 500B
Filling 400B*=800B
Cleaning service
Total 37800B

...But I asked him about discount,,,
Final total turned to 35000B!! Yeah~~~!!!!

That price seems expensive though, this price is for 1 tooth in Japan.
I said thank you to Dr. and booked next visit.

It was good for me to came back to Thailand for dentist***
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